Three options to power the system with the MP10 Controller (left to right): MP3020 12VDC Portable Air Compressor; or Gas Bottle (CO2, Nitrogen, Compressed Air); or MP40 Gasoline Powered Oil-Free Portable Air Compressor.
MP10 Digital Controller. Controls flow and drawdown. Requires source of air to power the pump.
SamplePro Portable Pumps or Well Wizard Decidated Pumps can be used to purge the well and collect the groundwater sample.
MP30 Drawdown & Level Meter, send a signal to the control panel (MP10 or MP15) to stop the purge should the drawdown exceed the limit established.
MP20 Flow Cell to measure stabilization parameters during purge.
The Low-Flow Sampling Method reduces purge volume by up to 95%, reduces sample turbidity and enhances data quality and precision.